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Who We Are

Bestenzylinder is specialised in the design, production, sale and technical support of Hydraulic Cylinders for application on plastic injection and die-cast molds.

Bestenzylinder's strategy consists in providing application-oriented solutions, rather than simple products.

Such an approach implies understanding and satisfying the specific needs of the different professional subjects that orbit the world of molds - Mold Designers, Mold-making Companies, Molders - by means of an accurate custom-made service.

Everyone shall get the appropriate instruments.
Everyone shall get the instruments best suited to his specific activity.

Mold Designers:
a wide range of cylinders able to solve extreme condition problems such as forces, reduced space need, high temperature - together with a software for the correct dimensioning of the cylinders and a software for a rapid configuration of the products and the creation of 2D and 3D drawings.

Mold-making Companies:
super fast delivery times, a technical catalog with all the information needed for the assembly and the connection of cylinders and switches, together with a sales network able to offer customer care and support in over 34 countries all over the world for the export molds.

a practical and fast system for the identification of the cylinders which allows a rapid replacement of spare parts that are always available in stock. Bestenzylinder's technical support provides a 24/48 hour answer even in case of replacement for complete cylinders

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