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Use of cylinders

Getting started with this new business project, we are confident that our experience and expertise in all design aspects of injection molds are no less than that of well-known companies such as AHP, HEB, MUESBURGER, HPS, Merkle, BZ 500 VEGA, Jufan.

We have been improving our products for quite a long time, trying to provide the best choice for design engineers when dealing with the movement of the extinction plate. The cylinder must be quick to guarantee the performance of the mold with a precision of a hundredth of a second.
Speaking of the punch guide and the sled, we know that high temperatures are often the cause of oil leakage.

Dust and dirt in the oil of the control unit cause serious damage to the hydraulic sealing system of the cylinder.
Shock waves, which arise when the work load of the cylinder is large and rapid vertical movements are needed, these are the situations that we know well and have been studying for long time.
Our cylinders are tested to withstand all these challenges and much more!