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Price and quality are our strength!

Compact cylinders BestenZylinder are powerful hydraulic mechanisms with years of proven design and are unconditionally accepted by design engineers of molds as a reference product in the field.
Customers in the oil-dynamic industry nowadays face the fact that the market lacks a European brand product, which has high quality, is easily accessible and affordable and able to compete with Asian products in terms of price.
BestenZylinder was established, to offer products of European quality, without compromise and with a competitive price.

How did we achieve this result?
We focused on alignment of design and simple manufacturing processes. It is clear that the reduction of steps, required for assembling the cylinder and the use of less complex machines led to a reduction in production costs.
We use high quality materials and implemented control software that fits our needs, which saves us a lot of time.
Since the compact cylinder is "nothing new", and its technology has been proven by many years of use, all expenses for research and development already have been amortized.
Why should our customers keep paying unnecessary costs? We decided that our prices have to be lower than our competitors, such as AHP, HEB, MUESBURGER, HPS, Merkle, BZ 500, VEGA, Jufan.
And as for the performance of cylinders BestenZylinder, we can confirm with certainty that it is excellent. We are well aware that our clients will use our mold for 5 to 10 years, so we paid great attention to tolerances and accuracy checks. In addition, we rely on international manufacturers of seals, who are worldwide known for their reliability.

What next?

Furthermore we rely on modern marketing strategy. While promoting our products, we have avoided dealers and other kinds of sub-suppliers.
This option has contributed to lower trade costs, communication problems and human errors. We have hit the bull's eye, and today we are able to offer products with 100% European quality with a price 30-40% lower than the competition.
We suggest that you download and read through our online catalogue. From now on, you can count on us as your partner.