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Our Facilities

The Structure
A surface of over 300m² with modern and functional offices which gather: Commercial Department, Sales Office, Technical Department, Technical Support Department, Customer Service Office, Administration Department, Purchasing Department, General Manager's Office, Planning Department and Quality System Department.
All the stages concerning the contact with the customer are followed with special care for the technical and logistic pre- and after-sales support, according to a precise and detailed procedure.

 This service is realized through a Technical Department able to face problems concerning design, dimensioning, special products, assembly and also problems of operation, maintenance, connection.

Customer Service is concerned with satisfying all special needs concerning delivery times, status, shipment, claims.
The whole production system is managed through a software which allows the best planning and punctuality with deliveries and the respect of the best quality standards, avoiding short cuts and compromises.

A key point of Bestenzylinder is certainly fast deliveries. This is possible also thanks to a warehouse which is complete with semi finished components, accessories, spare parts and finished products.
Computerized stock handling management with minimum stocks, historical consumption analysis for the purchasing management.
Special attention is paid to the availability of the spare parts also for out-of-production items.

Workshop and Assembly
Part of the components is customized on CNC machines according to each specific order.
All stages are managed through a production chain and control stations on the progress status.
Each operation is performed according to precise procedures indicated on the bill of materials.