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Use of cylinders

Getting started with this new business project, we are confident that our experience and expertise in all design aspects of injection molds are no less than that of well-known companies such as AHP, HEB, MUESBURGER, HPS, Merkle, BZ 500 VEGA, Jufan.

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Price and quality are our strength!

Compact cylinders BestenZylinder are powerful hydraulic mechanisms with years of proven design and are unconditionally accepted by design engineers of molds as a reference product in the field.
Customers in the oil-dynamic industry nowadays face the fact that the market lacks a European brand product, which has high quality, is easily accessible and affordable and able to compete with Asian products in terms of price.
BestenZylinder was established, to offer products of European quality, without compromise and with a competitive price.

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Warranty and Maintenance

At BestenZylinder we think a lot about the users of cylinders and the problems that may arise while purchasing spare parts when they are needed.
Our motto is: The best maintenance is when there is absolutely no need for maintenance.
We truly believe that with the use of BestenZylinder cylinders you will have no problems, thanks to their absolute reliability. Our real guarantee lies in the quality and reliability of materials that we use for the production of BestenZylinder cylinders.

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Welcome to the website of BestenZylinder

We hope that the visit to the website of BestenZylinder will be interesting and beneficial for you.
We want to present our products clearly and in detail, without complicated searches of commercial codes. We know that a thorough design engineer would rather spend his time studying technical information of the cylinder, and not risk errors in selecting the most appropriate product code for the given application.

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Who We Are

Bestenzylinder is specialised in the design, production, sale and technical support of Hydraulic Cylinders for application on plastic injection and die-cast molds.

Bestenzylinder's strategy consists in providing application-oriented solutions, rather than simple products.

Such an approach implies understanding and satisfying the specific needs of the different professional subjects that orbit the world of molds - Mold Designers, Mold-making Companies, Molders - by means of an accurate custom-made service.

Everyone shall get the appropriate instruments.
Everyone shall get the instruments best suited to his specific activity.

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