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The V450CM cylinders have been specially designed for being extremely compact and for applying the integrated end stroke MECHANICAL SWITCHES.
Furthermore their construction permits a high standardization with consequent lower price and immediate delivery time. Available bores: from 16 mm. to 100 mm. and strokes from 10 to 120 depending on the bore (look at page M4).
These cylinders are ideal any use where compact dimensions are required and recommended in case of heavy duties applications as die casting moulds.

Technical Features:

  • Max. working pressure: up to 450 bar (6525 PSI)
  • Bore Size: 16 to 100 mm
  • Rod Size: 10 to 45 mm
  • Max. working temperature :
  • With switch: 80°C - 176°F
  • Without switch: 160°C - 320°F
  • Stroke: 10 and 150 mm (according to the bore size)


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