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The cylinders of V215CR range are built according to ISO 6020/2 Compact Norms and they are changeable with other similar cylinders (with reserve; personally verify all dimensions)
This model permits a wide range of applications with the best compromise between quality and price where not particular requirements about pressure, temperature, dimensions are requested.
Till bore 160 magnetic switches can be applied (with a proper version).

Technical Features:

  • Max. working pressure: up to 215 bar (3117 PSI)
  • Bore Size: 25 to 200 mm
  • Rod Size: 12 to 140 mm
  • Max. working temperature :
  • Magnetic version: 80°C - 176°F
  • Non-Magnetic version: 120°C - 248°F
  • Stroke: 20 and 1500 mm (according to the bore size)


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